Show Notes From Episode 2

Here are the show notes from Episode 2! It’s pictures of everything obscure we manage to cram in to the hour long show! If you want us to talk about something then let us know on here or by our many, many, social networking sites. Picture below….

The Buddha (Michelin) baby, with the Michelin Man pictured below

Above is the woman who decided it was a fine idea to dump a helpless animal in a wheelie bin!
Below is Timmy Mallet just incase you don’t know who he is (80’s and 90’s TV presenter in England)
Below is the Ferryhill Black Bull, just because we mention it.

We also discussed a very interesting story, of a man who is in his Seventies becoming Britains Oldest Father. Here he is!

We talked about a brutal Swan names Sid, who has been terrorising lake users for the past 20 years! He has now had to be relocated to an isolated lake, here he is with his family on the day he moved.

Below is the suspected “Rat” caught in Bradford.

Here is Heidi Montag, who Stan made a classy comment about

Below is the BBC weather man Tomasz Schafernaker shows us all how to be professional!
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