Show Notes From Episode 3

The show kicks off with the introduction of our first official guest! Stan’s lady friend Kris Hanley, oops sorry! We mean Gumbleton. We then have an awkward silence before we kick off with the Foisty News!

First our special guest Kris talks about a woman who smuggled a tiger through airport security! Here’s the little blighter sedated in her hand luggage.

Kris decided it was time to confess to stealing some of Ash’s sausage from a buffet at their friends wedding. So here is a pic of sausages!

Stan didn’t have much prepared this week, his first article out the news is Lady Gaga makes it easier for people to get her gender confused as she posed for a Japanese magazine as a man! Stan then gets enlightened to Kris’ past life where she was chased by a man showing off his Man-gina!!! Here’s the photo of Gaga as a bloke.

Adrian Chiles also gets a drilling from the Foisty lot! They don’t like his presenting skills. Don’t know who he is? Here is a mugshot.

Ash’s stories are dreadful, he took no time to prepare. His first article is about a yob who stole 68p from a 10 year old girl. The second news article was also from the same scrap of newspaper and it proposes scientists have done a survey and we tell over 500 lies a year, but we blame the banks and MP’s for setting poor examples!

Nicola dishes out a cracking story from a magazine showing a man with 7 wives, who has 17 kids to his name. Here he is looking far too happy with himself!

Nicola also has a story of the youngest female to win the UK’s National Lottery, it tells us how she managed to blow the lot of drugs, houses and boob jobs. Here’s the loser!

Stan discusses his desire to have a birthday party in McDonald’s. Nic talks about Dragon’s Den but can’t remember what actually happened? Ash likens his man bits to very small fruit thinking he’s being a clever so and so. Kris is interested in another woman’s boob job. Ash has no idea how they even can put the implant into the Mammary gland, he gets a quick lesson and doesn’t like what he hears. Stan talks about his “blue material” collection.

Stan talks about background people in Emmerdale, and Ash tries to remember a website about an extra whose arm was seen on Murder She Wrote, but he fails miserably. Dick Van Dyke somehow makes it into the discussion but not for too long.

Stan trash talks his “best friend” Peter, about his intellect, Ash wants no part of the bashing so decides to set up a possible competition between them both to crown the cleverest one champion. Peter has accepted the challenge since this podcast has aired and we will be setting up the face off soon! Quiz style! Ash put a bet on Peter coming out victorious and even Stan the man who doesn’t bet, placed a pound on himself!

Nic – PG Wrestling, she hates it and wants rid! Kris can’t comment as has no frame of reference, but everyone else agrees it’s terrible. The Foisty crew decide TNA is the best wrestling in the world right now.

Kris – Memory foam, she hates it, most of us do in the room, bar Stan he loves his mattress, can’t stand his pillows, but uses them to make sure his £15 investment was well spent.

Stan – This was a weird one! He chose people who moan about nothing, which then makes him moan, but it soon unravels he is one of those people?! Ash then eggs Kris on to beat Stan up for keeping things secret.

Ash – cheap/tracing paper style toilet paper, which Kris identifies as Medicated toilet paper. Everyone agrees it’s awful, and getting stinky fingers because of it is horrific.

This photo below, is in memory of the phantom sh***er! You know who you are!!!!

That pretty much wraps up the podcast, although there is a mention of a weird old man preaching Jesus in Newcastle, we couldn’t find the original photo, but if you google that bloke, he’s on there! Here he is! Enjoy!

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