Show Notes From Episode 4 – ‘The Lady Bit Fiasco’

Hello All! ,
Here are the notes from Episode 4 – The Lady Bit Fiasco! which is dedicated to Stevieness from Twitter.

The show kicks off with a quick update on what is covered n the show:

M and S, Yorkshire Puddings, Haribos, Stan’s balls (Kidney!), Jesus with Aids?, Tommy Lee with Pam Anderson (remember them?), golf, fire, spiders and the Ask the Foist

Thanks to everyone for the shout outs this week… don’t forget if you want to be mentioned by the Foisty team please feel free to send us your requests.

Foisty News.

The first news story was chosen by Stan and it’s about Reverend Xola Skosana who calms Jesus was an aids victim…. Seriously! African Pastor

Nic and Ash agree to a mud wrestling match for Stan’s spare 30 seconds to mars ticket… Stay tuned for that!

Nicola’s news story was about Paris Hilton and her cocaine bust which happened this week in Las Vegas. One Night in ParisParis Hilton has embarrassed herself once more by claiming she believed the cocaine found in her bag was gum. Mainwhile Stan couldnt stop talking about Paris’ famous one night. There are no photos i can find on the net to show Pam Andersons closed vagina so i’ll leave that for your own imagination…..

Ash's Golf stone Fire! A man was so bad at Golf that he hit his ball into a rough… apparently to none golfers out there is a normal thing? anyway this man started a fire after hitting a stone while trying to get out of the rough…….. if you ask me he needs to save himself a couple of hours and give the game up!

Ash had two stories this week and his final one is about these things!…Spider + flamethrower = hopsital! A man decided to build a flamethrower to kill a spider which his wife found in their bathroom… problem was he ended up in hospital after burning himself with it. If i found this spider in my bathroom i would move house!

Get Rid Of…. ?

This came in from last episodes special guest Kris! She would get rid of people who think they are special for shopping at Marks and Spencers (you know who you are?!?!) …. i do love their chocolate balls!

Wheres Peter ?

Last weeks episode Stan called Peter out for a quiz…. We are still waiting for Peter to come on the show. Come On Peter.. let me by game master!

Ask The Foist

Ash and Stan offer their help and advice on life’s little problems.

Stay Tuned for….

For Stan’s Tash  – vs – Ash’s Finger Tash

Will Peter ever do the quiz?

More Ask The Foist!

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