Show Notes – Episode 5

This weeks episode starts with a quick dedication to all Foisty listeners

Stan is M.I.A for the Foisty News this week so the Robson’s step in instead.

An update is given regarding the possible quiz competition between Stan and our friend Peter… but Peter is still not giving in to the challenge! C’mon Peter

Foisty News

This weeks first story comes from a compliant about a £6 prawn sandwich, with only 7 prawns – shocking i know!

Ash’s first story is about his favourite band and their new product which is available to their young fans! I wonder which member of the Foisty team will be the first to buy *Ash*

Nicola’s second story is about happy songs being played in hospitals.. can’t believe they didn’t think of this sooner!

Ash’s last story is about a human hungry shark but we were more interested in a man with the cool shark tattoo! check it out

Did it scare you?!?!

The final story of this episode is possibly Nic’s favourite story so far…. a mad wife so annoyed with her husbands need to watch J-Lo’s movies she burnt his boat down! Talk about girl power!

How LOW will you GO…… For ££

This is a new part of the show where we see how low people go for money!

On this weeks episode find out if Ash, Stan or Nic will;

Lick Don Vito’s (below) toe for £1000

*a photo of his toe is too disturbing for our listeners eyes!

Kiss Lady Gaga’s (below) asshole for £15000

For £1Million would you replace your head with a fish’s?

For £60000 a year would you become incontinent?

For £10 Million pounds to lick Tony Blairs ass in Afghanistan?

For £100000 would you kill a dying bird?

Be sure to check out Extra Foisty!


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