Episode 6 Show Notes

This weeks episode is dedicated to Nicola’s cousin Kevin who was fighting in a professional boxing match in our home town.

Foisty News

Nic’s first story is 17 year old Alcoholic and she aint even bothered! GET IT?

Ash’s story is ‘Trouble Brewing’ – Office arguments about coffee – Who makes yours?

Ash’s second story is called ‘Cracking Bad Luck’  – superstitions anyone?

Controversial Stan story is just ‘The Pope’

Nic’s second story  ‘ Ive had sex with 2507 men at work’  not a lie!

oops here she is really…. Gloria!

Ash’s final story – ‘ Just Deserts! ‘ Come Dine With Me Special

Here’s a thug!

Stan’s next story is 74 year old body builder and its a woman!

Ask The Foist!

Our listeners send in questions/concerns/worries for us to try and resolve – most of the time we just make it worse!

Question – Wedding nerves over photo phobia!

Question – Can I get chlamydia test at the same time as my smear?

Also on this episode:

Foisty Shout Outs

Wanker(s) Of The Week

You Gotta Have Faith…

That’s Mel Gibson if you can’t guess who it is!

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