Episode 7 Show Notes – Bastard Quiz

If you have downloaded previous episodes, which I know all decent people will have, you will know we have been calling our friend Peter out for an all important quiz…..well tonight he’s here!

Foisty News

Peters first news story is ‘Drunken man needs rescuing from recycle bin’

Nic’s first story is ‘Marks and Sparks boycott due to Hooters!’

Ash’s story is about an estate agent who didn’t know the home owner was dead while showing people around the house.

Stan’s news story is deluxe camper van with special cruise control!!

Peters second story is about the E-FIT from the police – have you seen this man?

Nic’s next story is ‘ Slob Snip Snub’  you may have been this man on Jeremy Kyle!

Ash’s second news story is ‘ Tesco’s Cut Price Viagra’

Stan’s next story is a man so in love with a pillow, he marry’s it! I wonder if it looks like this?

Nicola’s final story is about a man’s need to get his bits out in public yet escapes jail.

The final story for this week is about Gazza’s new love… the iPad!

The Ultimate Quiz!

Round 1 – Take Turns

Stan – what is the former name of Burkina Faso?
Peter – what is Alice coppers real name?
Stan – what is the capital site of new Zealand?
Peter – how many contractions are there in a orgasim?

Round 2 – Buzzer Round

Question 1 – what is name of samuel’s famous youtube song?
Question 2 – where was football world cup held in 1986?
Question 3 – andy cole played last professional game for which club?
Question 4 – how old is cher?

Final Round – Double Points!

Question 1 – How many strings does a standard violin have?

Who wins? You decide! (only joking)

Ask The Foist

First Problem –  Tiny Todger

Second Problem –  Porn = He Loves / She Hates


Special Guest – L2K

Foisty News

Wanker’s of the Week

Get Rid of It


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