Episode 8 – L2K Enters Hard!

Another week, Another special guest. Ladies and Gentlemen here’s L2K!

Foisty News

Stan starts the show with his story on a criminal lawyer who shows up with work drunk!

Ash’s news story is ‘French MEP Rachida Dati makes oral sex slip-up’

Nicola’s story is about 2 teenagers who decide to steal a bike which is still chained to a fence

Stan’s second story is about a man who bricked the door of his bank… he was that mad!

Liam’s first story is ‘Porn Teacher arrested on theft suspicion’

Ash’s next story is ‘ A Mite Sweet’

Nicola’s next story is a bank worker is going to lose £6000 redundancy payout due to Facebook chat!

Stan’s next story is about stupid calls people make to 999

Nic’s next story is about a stag party stuck on a boat – I personally would have left them there!

The last story of the night is ‘Twitter Porn Alert’

Get Rid Of It

Find out which items we will add to the Foisty Cabbage 101.

Wanker of the Week

Listen to the show to find out who she is and why she is our wanker of the week!


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