Episode 9 – Stan’s Scrotum

The episode starts off with some emails/shout out requests we have had. For this episode we are once again joined by L2K.

Foisty News

Liam starts the show with the story ‘Sleep over and over’

Nicola’s story is ‘My dad becomes a lesbian’ – looking good!

Ash is excited about his story about Druids – the new religion!

Stan’s story is about the broken scales at the Commonwealth Games.

Fun Fact

The nude wedding industry in America is worth $280 million a year! anyone getting naked?


Ask The Foist

Listen in to find out our advice to some of these problems ;

Q1 – I had late night sex with a girl I don’t know. She looks well past her sell by date and im worried the condom was too. Help?

Q2 – My husband wants me to have a baby using his best friends sperm. He won’t go to the doctors to see about IVF. What should I do?

Q3  – My hubby has been having cyber sex with my ‘friend’ for 6 years. We went on holiday together, she even stayed in our home. He told me, he had stopped but I recently found out he is still having sex with her. Help?

Wanker of the Week

Ash’s favourite OTHER woman – Ms Cheryl Cole/Tweedy



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