Episode 10 – Double Figures

This week’s episode is our tenth episode and it is presented by Stan, Ash and Nic.

The episode is dedicated to Ashisyourhero,  Stoopid Stu and Ritchie Wise from Twitter

Foisty News

Ash starts the show with a story on a  Tv news reader  who was fired for drinking booze live on air. Why would anyone do that?

Stan’s first news story is entitled “Moby Nick’  which is a man walking the streets in a wetsuit …. makes sense. I wonder if it was this guy?

Nicola’s first story is called ‘Trouble Whopper’ and is about a condom which was found in a Burger King burger… It wouldn’t happen at McDonald’s!

Ash’s next story is about a man who was arrested for hitting a toilet cleaner in the eye with a toilet roll.

Stan’s next story is about a man who received compensation after groping a stripper, though she did kick him in the eye! I wonder if she was wearing these

Nic’s story is called ‘Wonka’s Gum True’ and its all about Willie Wonka’s magic chewing gum.

Ash’s next story is entitled ‘2 Albums In 44 Years’ which is about a man who releasing his second album 44 years after his first one which sold a million copies.

Stan’s final story is about a farmer who sued MOD for money after he claimed they damaged his house.

Nicola’s last story is called ‘To have Too Old?’ which is about a poor old woman who was legally allowed to marry her tomboy after her family tried to get it stopped claiming the woman was too old to make decisions….. Poor woman!

The final story is Ash’s choice and its entitles ‘Wolf pack on M23’ here’s a video

Here is a pic of the Jeremy Kyle teeth guy! Brace your eyes

Wankers of the Week

This week we couldn’t decide on one so we settled for two!

Jeremy Kyle and the cheating Chilean Miner!

Ask The Foist

This weeks question/problem was sent via email. Listen into the show to find out what advice we give to the following question!

‘Dear Friends at the Cabbage

I have a secret that I need to share and need your advice quickly because I think I am going to get found out.

I am married but enjoy dressing up in wife’s clothes when she is at work, she has no idea that I do this as I change and hang them back up before her return home, I have never used her make up (yet) but I really enjoy cutting the grass and doing the washing up whilst I am wearing her clothes.

Please don’t think I am strange I need your help and advice on this one, I am a regular listener to your Podcast and really need your help.

Anon ‘


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