Episode 11 – Retro Foisty!

This week we are a man down, Stan is absent so we have our good buddy L2K joining Ashbosh and Nic for a full filled episode of us wishing we were still in the 80’s!

This show is dedicated to Tanya Price of Facebook and the famous Rachel Dick.

Shout Outs

We have received a few shout outs this week so here they are….

Michael Morgan from Middlesbrough  – Sally Metcalfe from Leicester – John Elliott from Essex.

Foisty News

Ash’s starts with a story called ‘Hopping Mad’ – Two doc’s being sued for removing wrong leg!

Our next story is another story by Ash which is called ‘Blast’s Off – a bomb disposal exerts called for a toy grenade.

Liam’s first story is ‘I give girls the willies’ and it’s about a man who has two penis’ – here’s no picture for this one guys… I don’t want to see it!

Liam’s second story is called ‘Bit Off Top’ and its about a topless barber shop.

Nicola first story is about the $9 dollar heart attack in a box! Chocolate covered bacon.


Liam’s next story is called ‘Birthday Dairy Link’  – would you plan your child’s birth around special events?

Ash starts his stories with ‘In Pig Trouble’ which is reporting about a man who was jailed after stealing a childs money bank at a house he was working at. How low will some people go?

Ash continues with a couple who paid for Halloween decorations turns out to be a real skeleton… spooky!

Another Ash story is President Obama who ate a 500 calorie burger then urging witnesses to not tell the First Lady.

Listen in to hear us discuss things we miss in the 80’s and 90’s

Here’s a picture of Ash – Then and Now

Liam continues the Foisty News with a story about a pilot who made a safe landing after his plane hit a deer on the run way.

He continues with a story claiming scientist’s have discovered the DNA of lager!

Next up is a story about a man who shot his neighbour in the bum for playing a musical instrument – That’s got to hurt!

Nicola’s next story is about a trucker who trusted his SatNav for directions but ended up at a sewers. Talk about being shit on!

Another story from Nicola is about a US woman who seals her eyes shut when we mistakenly using glue instead of eye gel.

Ash finishes his stories with a bank robbery which went wrong when get away driver fell asleep on the job.

Next story is called ‘Whale to Go’ .Its about a whale who has swam a third of the world. Longest documented whale journey ever recorded.

Ash’s last news story is about a man who was told he had cancer and had months to live, he then sold all of his stuff but then told it was a mistake. Poor man.

Bring Back??

This is the part of the show where we pick an item from our past which we would like to have now in 2010.

Nicola – Witches Brew


Ash – White Dog Poop


Also on this episode , sticking with the Retro theme, a look back at Ash and Nicola’s first date. WARNING – it gets messy!


If you have any requests or shout outs please feel free to send them in!




Foisty Fact

10 year old kids have an average of £7000 worth of toys but only play with a few hundreds worth.


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