Extra Foisty By Candlelight (Show Notes)

This show was recorded under candlelight hence the title and was recorded during WWF’s Earth Hour. Ashbosh is going to attempt not to drop any F-bombs through the whole show which he has never been able to do before. We kick off the show with an appeal to all you listeners. PLEASE donate to help the Japan quake/tsunami victims via RED CROSS

Mini Mosh opens up the show with a story about Mylene Klass has given birth to her baby named Hero. Below is a pic of Mylene and that bikini

After this story of new life on Earth, Ashbosh tells us a morbid story of how sex can actually kill you! No pic for this so enjoy this old bloke clutching his chest.

(Seriously though. This bloke hasn’t done it for a while we reckon)

Ashbosh then launches his own Ashbosh Appeal, looking for money off rich people for a new electronic drum kit. Mini Mosh doesn’t think this is very nice and the show swiftly moves on to a story based around this excellent optical illusion in Alicante (See below)

Ashbosh then delivers an unbelievable tale of a man (Matthew Lowe) surviving an amazing ordeal involving a tiny gap and an industrial metal cutting machine. Here is the man luckier than Charlie Sheen

As Matthew Lowe lives in Barnsley, England. A conversation arises about Nintendo’s and Microsoft’s automated call line dislike for accents which aren’t normally heard. This episode of Extra Foisty comes to a close with Mini Mosh stating her hatred for automated systems

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