Episode 14 Violent W*** – Show Notes

This show welcome’s the return to one of the original Foisty Co-Hosts – Stan.  Mini Mosh is absent tonight so Ashbosh is on hand to help Stan with the show.

The show starts off with some Man chat and some bad attempts at jokes …. for men only!

The first news story comes from Stan and it’s about some fishermen who were more than surprised when a shark jumped on board… very scary.

This is a picture of that exact shark, it’s very big!

The guys then start commenting on their bedroom antics and how their other half’s don’t need a full side of the bed.

Ashbosh’s story is a new sport called Horse Boarding – seriously

Stan continues about a real life story which took place when his girlfriend Kris parked in someone’s parking space. Apparently ‘C*nt’ is not a taboo word in London

A shout out goes to Chris Moyles for his world record for Comic Relief, 50 plus hours of recording times with 5 minute breaks. They raised over 2 Million UK Pounds on that one show so well done guys!

With that note this episode will continue on an episode of Extra Foisty – Coming soon!

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