Episode 15 Violent W*** (The Second Coming) – Show Notes

This show follows on from Episode 14, after the quick Hello’s we dive straight into Stan and Ashbosh’s love for Karl Pilkington.

Ashbosh takes the lead with the first story which is about a man (Darco Sangermano) who was shot in the head on New Year’s Eve in Italy and is still here today! An unreal tale which is best left to hear on the podcast.

Stan decides to take the show on a morbid twist with a story of a man shooting his father in law by accident on his wedding day. Ashbosh discusses how cheap he made his wedding and how much he’d dislike to renew his vows after shooting family members.

Stan makes a shout out to Chris Maycroft his friend, and states, “he loves a bit of c*ck”, just to put Chris’ wife’s mind at rest who is starting to think Stan and Chris are in a relationship together. Stan has actually never met his wife so this is unusual from the outset. Ashbosh’s response to the story is a surround sound toxic airborne event.

They discuss the love of their own scent when they have flatulence, and how a night on the beer and a curry the day after make for some musky and vile farts.

Kerry Richardson a listener of the podcast sent in a question via facebook as the show was being recorded. Does Stan like clean or dirty wards in hospitals as she is actually in a hospital as she sent in the message. Stan would like dirty nurses, so Ashbosh and Stan discuss how bad the NHS would be, but they’d have no complaints.

Ashbosh wants to mention Alain Robert the human spiderman who scaled the worlds tallest building in Dubai. It took 6 hours to climb and then Yoda, Ashbosh’s cat decides to start rubbing off the microphone!

A text comes in from John “the Muscle Shark” Havelock who asks the Foist a question about Pizza shops. Which is the best?

Ashbosh and Stan then discuss the word “Retard”. Stan uses it a lot and Ashbosh likes to remind him of this. Stan messes up his slogan and the show comes to a close….. for now!

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