Episode 21 – Cheryl Cole and the Killer Cucumbers

Double dosage of our lovely selves today! Is it Christmas you ask? No it’s just we had a spare recording we did a few days ago and wanted all you sexy people to hear it.

First story sees Mini Mosh discuss Cheryl Cole’s recent public sacking from the US version of X-Factor. Below is a picture of the gorgeous celebrity, and please take note of Ashbosh’s tragic attempt at a Geordie accent.

Ash mentions how he feels Mini Mosh likes to squat on cucumbers. This does not go over very well with her! So Ashbosh begins his news story of how Cucumbers have been killing people in Europe! STAY AWAY EVIL CUCUMBERS!

Modern Warfare 3 video has been released, sparking outrage, so Ash discusses this and Mini Mosh is suprised!

Also we get onto the subject of Lady Gaga’s weird new diet!

We also talk about the recent super injunctions in relation to Imogen Thomas. We are on Team Thomas! It’s easy to see why!

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