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This will make sense after our next episode!!


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This is a guide on how to find us on Google Play Store!!!

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What household chore do you hate to do the most?

Question from Formspring answered…

Minimosh: Them all!
Stan: Washing the dishes…
Ashbosh: Scooping the cat and dog sh*t, and also changing babies nappies. We have 3 cats, 2 kids, and a dog… They crap for fun, it’s ridiculous.

Ask me anything

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Formspring Question Answered

From one of our dearest listeners Stevieness asked us this via

you know when you cover rice krispies in chocolate what do u call them?

Minimosh: Rice Crispie cakes isn’t it?
Ashbosh: Rabbit sh*t? Man this one is too hard for me. Pass…

Ask me anything

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What was your favorite year?

Ashbosh: 1985!
MInimosh: 1985!
Ashbosh: The world changed that year forever, because me and this hot piece of ass were born that year.

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Episode 11 – Retro Foisty!

This week we are a man down, Stan is absent so we have our good buddy L2K joining Ashbosh and Nic for a full filled episode of us wishing we were still in the 80’s!

This show is dedicated to Tanya Price of Facebook and the famous Rachel Dick.

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Episode 10 – Double Figures

This week’s episode is our tenth episode and it is presented by Stan, Ash and Nic.

The episode is dedicated to Ashisyourhero,  Stoopid Stu and Ritchie Wise from Twitter

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Episode 8 – L2K Enters Hard!

Another week, Another special guest. Ladies and Gentlemen here’s L2K!

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Show Notes – Episode 5

This weeks episode starts with a quick dedication to all Foisty listeners

Stan is M.I.A for the Foisty News this week so the Robson’s step in instead.
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