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41 – The Ginger Man Return-eth

Stan is back, and the boys resume business as usual, some fan mail and some crazy stories make up this week!

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Stan down! Stan Down!! But the show must go on so L2K steps in to fill the ginger void this week. Our boys discuss aliens, kids driving cars and the end of the world! 2012 style.

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Cabbage Patch 3 – Alternate Realms

L2K discusses time slips, EVP and alternate realms and other interesting topics to a bewildered Ashbosh

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39 – Pyjamas With Benefits

In between bouts of Ashbosh flashing his sack to co-host Stan through his hole ridden pyjamas, the boys discuss Disney, Gator wrestling and Stan’s man date!

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Cabbage Patch 2 – L2K Banged Himself

It’s all in the title! Lucid dreaming and L2K making sweet lurve to himself!

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38 – To Be the Best, See the Br-est

Flatulence is infecting Ashbosh, this week the lovable duo discuss Tiger Balm, Ashbosh’s work ethic and Kate Middleton’s breasticles!

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Cabbage Patch 1 – UFO’s Abducted L2K

Welcome one and all to the Cabbage Patch, your midweek fix of Foisty love. As we introduce a new section to our show, let us all welcome back L2K who has been abducted by Aliens! Hear us have a mass debate about UFO’s, and all things flying

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This is a guide on how to find us on Google Play Store!!!

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Episode 35 – Show Notes

This week’s episode starts with Foisty coming back to life.

We are also happy to announce that you can now download our fantastic podcast for Android phones.

Foisty News

Is the Sun too round? This story was taken from MSN website.

The next story came from and is about a naked, monkey loving scientist.

Prince Harry enjoys some Naked Poker – Is this ok behaviour for a Royal?

UFO found at the bottom of the Baltic sea – Source

A full size replica of Noah’s Ark has been made but has it been tested?

Tom Cruise caught short with American Express

Tweet of the Week

By  @casual_rick   –  “If he could Travis Tygart would probably file a complaint with God that Lance Armstrong cheated cancer

Shout – Outs

Katie Williams
Woody – AKA  Fred Fuchs
The Havelock Family
Martin and Evelyn – Congratulations!

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Recording Underway

We are back in the swing of recording the Foisty Cabbage Podcast.

If anyone wants a shout out in future episodes then get in touch with us and listen to future episodes to see if you have been chosen!

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