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This will make sense after our next episode!!


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This is a guide on how to find us on Google Play Store!!!

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Episode 35 – Show Notes

This week’s episode starts with Foisty coming back to life.

We are also happy to announce that you can now download our fantastic podcast for Android phones.

Foisty News

Is the Sun too round? This story was taken from MSN website.

The next story came from and is about a naked, monkey loving scientist.

Prince Harry enjoys some Naked Poker – Is this ok behaviour for a Royal?

UFO found at the bottom of the Baltic sea – Source

A full size replica of Noah’s Ark has been made but has it been tested?

Tom Cruise caught short with American Express

Tweet of the Week

By  @casual_rick   –  “If he could Travis Tygart would probably file a complaint with God that Lance Armstrong cheated cancer

Shout – Outs

Katie Williams
Woody – AKA  Fred Fuchs
The Havelock Family
Martin and Evelyn – Congratulations!

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Episode 21 – Cheryl Cole and the Killer Cucumbers

Double dosage of our lovely selves today! Is it Christmas you ask? No it’s just we had a spare recording we did a few days ago and wanted all you sexy people to hear it.

First story sees Mini Mosh discuss Cheryl Cole’s recent public sacking from the US version of X-Factor. Below is a picture of the gorgeous celebrity, and please take note of Ashbosh’s tragic attempt at a Geordie accent.

Ash mentions how he feels Mini Mosh likes to squat on cucumbers. This does not go over very well with her! So Ashbosh begins his news story of how Cucumbers have been killing people in Europe! STAY AWAY EVIL CUCUMBERS!

Modern Warfare 3 video has been released, sparking outrage, so Ash discusses this and Mini Mosh is suprised!

Also we get onto the subject of Lady Gaga’s weird new diet!

We also talk about the recent super injunctions in relation to Imogen Thomas. We are on Team Thomas! It’s easy to see why!

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Episode 20 LIVE!

Yes that’s correct episode 20 is now live! Still don’t subscribe? THEN CLICK THE BELOW LINK!


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16 – Stan Rant… – Show Notes

Episode 16, upgraded from an Extra Foisty (bonus chatting we put free on iTunes) to a full show. Not much Foisty news, so this shall be quick and relatively painless.
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Episode 15 Violent W*** (The Second Coming) – Show Notes

This show follows on from Episode 14, after the quick Hello’s we dive straight into Stan and Ashbosh’s love for Karl Pilkington.
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Episode 14 Violent W*** – Show Notes

This show welcome’s the return to one of the original Foisty Co-Hosts – Stan.  Mini Mosh is absent tonight so Ashbosh is on hand to help Stan with the show.
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Extra Foisty By Candlelight (Show Notes)

This show was recorded under candlelight hence the title and was recorded during WWF’s Earth Hour. Ashbosh is going to attempt not to drop any F-bombs through the whole show which he has never been able to do before. We kick off the show with an appeal to all you listeners. PLEASE donate to help the Japan quake/tsunami victims via RED CROSS
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Episode 11 – Retro Foisty!

This week we are a man down, Stan is absent so we have our good buddy L2K joining Ashbosh and Nic for a full filled episode of us wishing we were still in the 80’s!

This show is dedicated to Tanya Price of Facebook and the famous Rachel Dick.

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