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Further Updates On RSS Feed

So we thought we had better keep you in the loop as to what is currently going on!!

Our old RSS feed due to us closing down hosting has seriously messed up. We and our provider have tried all sorts to fix it, but no luck. iTunes also has bugs which will not allow us to set it back up how it used to be.

So the decision has been made to alter the feed address, and re-submit it to iTunes. Our new feed will be http://www.fo15tyca88ag3.libsyn.com/

So far we have only uploaded our latest episode. So the feed is live. We will probably not decide to upload older shows, unless really requested by you lovely lot.

Sorry for all the mess, this was unavoidable and we really didn’t want it to have to happen but we also don’t want to keep you in the dark as to what is happening with our show. You will need to go to the new page and subscribe again once it is live. But you know we will heavily advertise it as usual.

Thanks for sticking with us, you mean the world to the FC team.


Ashbosh, Stan and Mini Mosh.

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Happy 2012

Happy new year to everyone! Even the people who haven’t downloaded us from iTunes yet!

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New Twist

Did you notice the new twist on the podcast?

It won’t work on iPad’s we have since discovered, but when we discuss something, depending on what device you are listening on, a photo will appear instead of the standard foisty cabbage artwork to help you understand what we are discussing, and also to add a bit more humour.

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This Looks Awesome In iTunes

This is our latest addition……nice…….

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Charlie Sheen…. On top form?

Charlie Sheen…. On top form?

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Little Update!

A better sounding, and brand spanking new update peeps!!


Don’t forget you can also subscribe to us on Twitter, YouTube and iTunes
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