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Special Mayan Artwork for Episode 48

Special Mayan Artwork for Episode 48

Here it is, our end of world special artwork! Enjoy!

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Very Cool Video!

We love Nathan Barnatt, here he is yet again in top form!!!

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Sexual Predators beware!

There is now a sure fire way to protect yourself against potential rapists and sex pests.

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Osama Bin Laden Special?

Yeah… We Think So!

We'll take 10 in XL!

Coming soon…..

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Ashbosh Birthday Bash

Happy April you sexy people. With Ashbosh celebrating his 26th birthday tommorow (April 12th), Minimosh is taking him on a special trip to Edinburgh!

First class train tickets and a swanky hotel. Fear not Foistonions as the crew here at the Foisty Cabbage will be presenting you over the coming weeks with special McFoist episodes to celebrate the Scottish and their fine Country.

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This Episode has been dubbed “Night Of the Confession”. Would you like to listen to the new episode of the Foisty Podcast and don’t have iTunes? No biggy dudes! click the link below, and all will be revealed. Don’t worry if you have NO idea what we are on about… Show notes do appear on the site as soon as possible. So read on to get the link!
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