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We’ve already had several emails from you peeps in regards to the new channel in iTunes. Yes we are aware the episode that is there is from February 2012. The description does tell you that if you read it all, that it is a revisited episode. iTunes doesn’t show this so well however.

We needed a show on our RSS feed to get iTunes to recognise it and display us. We are going to be doing a better constructed show as of some point in September.

Our format will be shows lasting no more than 30 minutes, as we feel over this like our very early episodes were too long. Also we will be releasing them on the same day every week. Most likely a Saturday or Sunday, but when we release it, you can be expected to wait for up to 24-48 hours for iTunes to pick up it’s there.

If you are subscribed to us it’s alot faster to download, Here’s a step by step.

1.) Go into your Podcast section of iTunes.
2.) Double click our picture
3.) You should see our episode list
4.) The top line should say something like “Foisty cabbage podcast” with a little downward arrow next to it
5.) Right click anywhere in that bar and select “Show All Available Episodes”
6.) Any new material released will instantly show up
7.) Then just click the GET or GET ALL buttons and iTunes will do the rest. SIMPLES!

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