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Fan Art

thanks to Paul Simpson who submitted this! WE LOVE IT!


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Leave an answer below. The Funniest and craziest will be used on our show and credited to you!

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Charlie Sheen…. On top form?

Charlie Sheen…. On top form?

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Have Your Say – Ep 1

Well I have a debate about Charlie Sheen on YouTube at the moment as he seems to be a media super nova right now. He is more famous now than ever before and he seems to be able to keep the spotlight focused on himself.

Twitter is alive with #winning tweets and also people having or wishing to have #tigerblood.

This makes me want to gauge what people from all over the world really think about Charlie Sheen and all his recent activity. You can see my video here……

To post a comment you will need a YouTube account, but that’s an easy 2 minute job. Get in the debate and have your say!

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